Become a male escort

Gigolodirect offers you a unique opportunity to become a gigolo, with professional support and intensive marketing of your profile. While you still remain your own boss. And your discretion is optimally arranged!

Becoming a gigolo is a dream for most men and that is very understandable because you meet many different people, you come to all kinds of places probably also internationally, you have fun and exciting dates, and you also earn good money.

Becoming a male escort at Gigolodirect

Working as a male escort at Gigolodirect includes the following: 

  • You are independent and have control of your own schedule.
  • Your clients are yours, you can be booked by them as often as you want.
  • You have 100% freedom to reject customer requests or wishes.
  • You decide which clients you do and don't want.
  • You will have direct contact with the clients yourself.
  • You determine your rate what the customer will pay you (choose from a variety of prices).
  • You also determine your travel expenses for each of your clients.
  • There is no intermediate so you receive the full amount that the customer pays (the amount listed in your profile plus your travel expenses).
  • The customer pays you directly in person in cash. So you never have to wait for your money.
  • You don't have to remit anything from your earnings to us or to others, and there is no banking.
  • You don't have to register anywhere (except with us, of course).
  • You don't have to send invoices to us, and we don't send you anything either
  • Because there is no banking and no registration - you use an alias, and we make your photos unrecognizable if you wish - you are guaranteed to remain discreet.
  • Gigolodirect creates a professional profile for you in collaboration with you.
  • Gigolodirect maintains your profile for you.
  • Your profile will be placed on our 3 websites in Dutch, English and German with a global reach, and we conduct very active international SEO marketing to promote our websites and your profile.
  • You will benefit from the market reach, knowledge and experience of Gigolodirect and of The Men's Company.
  • You will have the best chance of getting great bookings and also international bookings at Gigolodirect. 
  • Gigolodirect informs and gives you detailed advice beforehand about becoming a male escort with guidelines, tips and advice. 
  • We want you to be successful so we will continue to coach you and give you expert personal advice, requested and unrequested, before, during and after you start as a male escort. No extra charges. So that you can continue to develop and improve yourself.

As you can see, there is a big difference between becoming a male escort through Gigolodirect and all the portals on the web. At portals there's no selection of escorts, there is no specific expertise regarding male escorts, you get no advice and support like choosing the right photos and texts, there is no coaching after you start as a male escort, etc. Gigolodirect does all this, which is why at Gigolodirect you have a high quality profile, much more opportunities, security and safety!

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What are the requirements for working as a male escort with us?

Working as a male escort requires you to meet some important conditions. When becoming a male escort, it is very important that your appearance is good and well-groomed, given that as a male escort you may have intimate contact with the client. Although you always have the option of rejecting a client, this is very rare. In order to serve your clients well, it is important that you can carry on a good conversation, have sufficient life experience and are communicative and socially adept in order to deal well with your clients. You have great empathy so that you give your clients a pleasant and relaxing time and he or she ends the date satisfied. A positive attitude is essential and you should be a correct and respectful gentleman under all circumstances.

Anyone can sign up for male escort, there are no strict age limits as long as you are between appr. 21 and 55 years old. In addition, if required you have to provide recent proof of an STD and HIV test. If you have an STD or HIV, you can't become a male escort at Gigolodirect

Becoming a male escort, what are the costs?

Gigolodirect does not charge a sign-up fee or start-up costs.

When becoming a male escort you only pay a subscription for a profile on our websites. This includes all our activities such as intake, advice, profile creation and publication, information and further support. So there are no unexpected additional costs.

At Gigolodirect you have fewer fellow male escorts so also less competition than with massive portals. At Gigolodirect you have as much chance of a booking as your fellow Gigolodirect male escorts, without having to pay extra each time because we don't charge you extra for putting your ad up or to be more visible on our website.

You have the choice of a half-yearly or yearly subscription. During the first registration you pay 70 Euro per month for the first six months or 60 Euro per month for the first year.

If you want to renew after this first period the costs are 100 Euro per month for six months or 80 Euro per month for one year.

Duration of your male escort profile

We consciously keep time periods of six months or a year and not shorter, because we know from experience that a new male escort profile always needs some time to start working properly. After all, clients often think for a while before booking you.

The longer you are active at Gigolodirect, the more you can improve your profile, based upon our advice, but also on your own initiative. And the better your profile, the more bookings you will get.

Your profile will remain online for as long as you pay. If you want to quit during the subscription period, we will delete your profile upon request. In that case you will not receive a refund for the rest of your subscription term.

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What can you earn as a male escort?

At Gigolodirect, you can decide what you want to earn in negotiation with us. We offer 4 rates to men who become male escort: 75, 100, 125 or 150 Euro per hour. This amount is paid by your customer to you in cash, so we receive nothing from it. When you have chosen a certain rate, you always have the possibility to change the rate during your work as a male escort. In general, the lower your rate, the more booking requests you can expect. When you choose a higher rate, you earn more but can expect fewer booking requests.

Additionally, you decide how much travel fee you require from your clients. We are happy to advise you on choosing the travel fee.

What kind of bookings and clients can you expect?

Gigolodirect tells you the honest story because we are focused on the long term and don't want to give you false hopes or overly high expectations.

The honest story is that there is no standard type of client
booking a male escort. The clients are really just a cross-section of society, and so they are very different from one another. They have a variety of reasons for booking a male escort.

The age of the clients ranges from 18 years old to in their sixties, with the people in their thirties and forties being slightly in the majority. Many times you can expect clients who are in your age range. Some are wealthy, some have limited budget, and everything in between. Many of your clients are single; a somewhat smaller number are married or in a relationship. From our experience, we know that the average client is well cared for during the date.

How many bookings you will get is hard to say in advance. This depends very much on your photos and also on your profile (Gigolodirect actively advises you on this). Of course, your characteristics and qualities also play a role in the number of bookings. But you can be sure of one thing: with our marketing efforts, our advice and support you will get the most out of your profile.

Becoming a male escort in 6 steps

  1. Make sure you have some good photos. If desired, we will give you personalized tips and advice.
  2. Register via the male escort registration form below
    this page
  3. Intake interview. Duration approximately 15 to 20 minutes. You will then immediately hear our decision whether we accept you at Gigolodirect, and you can decide what rate you want to charge your clients.
  4. Pay for a term of six months or a year. For this, we will send you a payment request.
  5. We create your profile in cooperation with you. If desired, we give you advice and we make your photos unrecognizable.
  6. We give you all the information, tips, do's and dont's for working as a male escort.

Then you will receive requests and your job as a male escort is a fact!

If you still have questions after your start you can reach us by phone or Whatsapp. Because your success is our success!

Please pay attention!

Signing up only takes place via the male escort registration form.

It is not possible to sign up via Whatsapp, Telegram or email. Calling for your registration is also not helpful.

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Registration form

Submitting this application form is completely non-binding and free of charge.
All information and photos provided by you are guaranteed to be kept strictly confidential, and will be displayed in your profile only after your consent.

Do you want a voice message on your profile?
Do you want an introduction video on your profile?
In what way would you like to receive messages from clients. (Minimum 1, multiple choices possible)

Upload photos

Upload here a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 clear and recent photos that you consider suitable for your profile. The photos should be of high quality (minimum 600KB per photo and maximum 10 MB per photo), without filter or blur or other editing, of your face and body, not naked, not smoking or drinking, without headgear, without sunglasses, without other people in them, neatly dressed (casual or with jacket), and smiling or friendly looking (so not angry or arrogant or too macho). Your photos are essential to getting bookings so pay much attention to this

Do you want your photos recognizable on your profile? If Yes then you will have more bookings. If No then in consultation with you we will edit your photos so that you are not recognizable.
I certify that I have entered all information correctly.

What happens next?

We will evaluate your application and let you know as soon as possible (we aim to do this within a few days) if you qualify for a profile on our website. If so, we will make a video call with you for verification, ask you to pay the subscription fee, and place your profile online.

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt immediately after sending the form. If not, the form has not reached us. The cause could be that sending (perhaps due to size of the photos, or slow internet connection) took too long.